My name is Joseph Crane, I'm an AWS Cloud Native developer currently based in Liverpool.

Currently I'm working at The Very Group, a pure-play retailer based in Liverpool, where I've worked for the past four years. I've worked on a number of different projects whilst at The Very group including and gotten to use a range of different AWS services and technologies.

I worked as a Developer and a Tech Lead on a chatbot service built using using AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB and IBM Watson. I helped to deliver a range of features to better help customers self-serve, as well as leading the business developing it's technical roadmap and addressing it's technical debt.

I helped design and develop a custom authentication solution to interface with a pre-existing legacy system, it was built to be highly-scalable, highly avalible and performant using Go, AWS Lambda, API Gateway and DynamoDB. I've also helped design and develop data driven services like a recently viewed products service using Kafka, AWS Kinesis, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB Streams and S3.

I'm familiar with the Serverless Framework and Terraform to deploy and manage the infrastructure of a range of different projects. I also have experience integrating with OAuth2.0 solutions to provide fast and secure microservices.

I'm proficient in using Go, Javascript, Javascript and even Swift.

Send me an email at: